Town Councillors

The Mayor for 2016-17 is Alison Evans 

Name   Telephone Number
 Peter Walkden  0777606726
 Clive Hart  01257483194
 Alan Robinson  01257752112
 Barry Lee  01257481540
 Jeanette Lowe  01257481415
 Florence Molyneaux  01257481184
 June Molyneaux  01257481184
 Tony Wilson  01257481776
 Alison Evans  01257475610
 Timothy Summers  07786256441
 Ainsley Ball  01257485007
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Working Group Members
 Finance  Clive Hart
   Barry Lee
   Jeanette Lowe
   June Molyneaux
   Tony Wilson
   Alison Evans
 Planning  Clive Hart
   Florence Molyneaux
   Tony Wilson
 Street Scene  Alison Evans
   Alan Robinson
   Jeanette Lowe
 Website & Communications  Alison Evans 
   Peter Walkden
   Jeanette Lowe
   Alan Robinson
   Jon Smethurst (non-Councillor)
   Dan Croft (non-Councillor)
 Parish Plan  Clive Hart
   Alison Evans
   Barry Lee
   Jeanette Lowe
   June Molyneaux

Representatives on outside bodies
Adlington & District in Bloom Action Group  Jeanette Lowe
   Alison Evans
 Lancashire Association of Local Councils (Chorley Area Committee)  Jeanette Lowe
   Peter Walkden
Adlington & District Community Association Alison Evans
Chorley Council Liaison  Alison Evans
 Adlington Circular Walk  
Chorley Council Neighbourhood Area Group   

Clerk to the Council
  Telephone Number  E-mail Address  
Linda Crouch  
07896 729 646  

Chorley Borough Councillors
  Telephone Number  E-mail Address
Graham Dunn  01257 480 048
June Molyneaux  01257 481 184
Peter Wilson  01257 474 678

Lancashire County Councillor
  Telephone Number  E-mail Address
 Kim Snape

Member Of Parliament
  Telephone Number  E-mail Address
 Lindsay Hoyle  01257 271 555

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