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Art in Adlington provides three 10 week taught courses in all aspects of painting and drawing - watercolours, oils, pastels etc on Tuesdays at Fairview Youth & Community Centre. Other activities include exhibitions,workshops, outside visits, guest speakers etc. Contact the Hon. Secretary, Gwen Howells at secretary@artinadlington.co.uk
Charity Registration Number 1141938
The Adlington Beer Circular combines walking in Adlington with information about the local pubs serving Real Ale and can be contacted via Facebook AdlingtonBeerCircular or Twitter @AdlingtonBeerC
The NHS Stop Smoking Service has started a new clinic at Adlington Clinic on Thursdays 1.30pm to 3.45pm.  For service details see www.quitsquad.nhs.uk.  
Chorley Ramblers run a programme of local walks.  For details see the Ramblers website www.ramblers.org.uk or go to their printable list 
The Dial-A-Rideservice operates locally, please see the link for contact details.

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